"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." Jacques Cousteau


‘Drift’ explores the perpetual motion of our oceans - localized currents, tidal flows, and ever-shifting wave patterns – and depicts this ceaseless rhythm through long exposure underwater photography. The continuous and unending movement of our seas and oceans underpins the vitality and biodiversity of marine life, and influences life across the planet.

Through Drift I aim to embrace this fluidity and unpredictability, capturing the dynamic movements of underwater ecosystems in a hitherto unseen manner, emphasizing their inherent beauty and fragility.

With the camera shutter open I let myself drift with the local currents, waves, and swells, relinquishing control and allowing these forces to dictate the final image - a symbiotic collaboration with nature. The results are colourful, abstract compositions, painterly creations, and otherworldly scenes created by the interplay of sunlight on rocks and corals, the gentle swaying of aquatic flora, the rich tapestry of textures, the passage of marine life, and my own movement through the water. Each image, like an underwater environment, possesses its own distinctive qualities, determined by the prevailing conditions at the time.

Whilst this series is primarily a visual exploration of our oceans’ enduring motion, it’s also an invitation to contemplate the intricate beauty, mystery, and complexity of the ecosystems that exist underwater. The extended exposures also serve as a visual metaphor for the passage of time itself, reminding us that the health of our oceans reflects the cumulative impact of human actions over the years and that time is running out to solve the environmental challenges they face.

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